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"I really wish you weren’t one of those vegans.”

Yeah well I wish you didn’t eat murdered animals, drink stolen cow milk, or contribute to any animal abuse at all yet here we are.





this symbol does not represent mainstream feminism


this is the symbol for black feminism, that black feminists have created and been using for decades to represent our struggle against anti-black misogyny, hence the combination of…

I genuinely didn’t know this. Will be removing the patch that I made from my vest.

Keep fatphobia out of veganism


[stop] [looking] [away]


Okay, consider this:

Vegans have absolutely no reason to lie to you about conditions of meat, dairy, and egg farms. By exposing those industries, they do not personally gain anything. But the government has billions of dollars riding on animal agriculture.

Think long and hard about that before you accuse vegans of propaganda and brainwashing.

Anonymous said: hi! how are u :) I just wanted to get some advice on something? I found second hand shoes online (wild diva lounge boots) and I know its not leather but its prbly not 100% vegan like with the rubber/glue/w.e is it ok to get them? thrifted leather/ wool n shit doesn't sit right with me so am I being inconsistent? thnk u!

Hey, I’m alright :)
I have made a post about this ages and ages ago, but when shoes are made with synthetic materials, they use synthetic glues. This isn’t because of ethical reasons, mainly it’s because synthetic bonds better with synthetic material. Shoes Also usually have a list of what the lining is made of on the tongue, if all the parts are synthetic, you can guarantee that the glue is. 
Here is a post i found about it. 
Since the boots are second hand the tongue may be worn and you might not be able to see the material list (or the person selling it rather)
I think you should just ask them to double check that it’s all synthetic and then if it’s not, maybe find something else?

I’m the same as you, I have an issue with people buying second hand items that are made from animals. It’s still using animals as “objects”, and saying that they are “wasted” if not used is 100% still viewing sentient beings as products. 

In all likelyhood the shoes will be fine :) 

Anonymous said: Make soup out of half the mushrooms and do pasta sauce with the rest, all of it is very good to keep in the freezer

that sounds like a good plan :)
I love mushrooms hehe

I went to a market today and bought two huge boxes of mushrooms, only cost me $8… what am I even going to do with so many mushrooms?
I literally have 5 Kgs of mushrooms


Bellla by WTek79


Bellla by WTek79


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